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Specially tailored short term, full time course with years of observation and research, keeping in mind the latest market trends covering all major brands and models of mobile phone devices to give the mastery on the subject. Practicals Class extensive making the course interesting and adventurous for students. One of the most sought after technical course with high employment opportunity with minimum academic qualification. Ideal course for students who are technically inclined. Global Institute of Cellular Technology is a study centre of Council for Technical Development Continuing Academic Educational and Scientific Studies, which is registered under an Autonomous Body, a National Development Agency, Collaborating Partner, NIESBUD Training Partner, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under Ministry of Skill Developoment & Entrepreurship, Govt. of India, New Delhi. The examinations are conducted by CTDS and certificates issued by them which is Government approved Mobile Phone Hardware repairing course under under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) which is a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) implemented by National Skill Development Corporation, Government of India. Get employed profitably in India and abroad. An Ideal course for candidates who are serious in pursuing a career as a Mobile Phone Technician.

Best Mobile, Laptop, Computer Hardware Repair Training Course Kerala

Global Institute of Cellular Technology® - South India's No.1 Mobile Phone Hardware Training Institute provides Mobile Servicing Course at Chip Level & BGA Level. Mobile repairing courses and mobile repair training, Cell Training in Kochi, Kerala. The Course is practicals extensive and is designed in such a way that students become confident enough to handle any kind of faults by themselves after completing the course. Global Institute of Cellular Technology® also provides technical support and advice to students who would require assistance when they encounter critical issues in their work place after graduating from our training center.

Our specialized course and training provides all the essential skills and training needed to repair, service, and maintain all internation mobile phone brands and models including – Nokia, Samsung, LG, iPhone, Lava, Micromax, GEE PEE, China Mobile Phone and all other brands of Mobile Phones in the world. We give maximum practical exposure to our students on real life mobile fault identification and servicing by making them a part of our in-house Mobile Phone Repair and Service team. We ensure that they build enough self-confidence to kickstart a career of Mobile Phone Repairing of their own. India's No.1 Mobile Phone Service and Laptop Service Training Cente

Advanced Mobile Phone Servicing Course
Our specialized mobile phone training course is divided into two parts:
✎ Theory – Explained and taught using audio-visual technology.
✎ Practicals – Using latest equipment and tools. The practical classes are extensive and covers almost 99% of the course period

Course Structure & Syllabus
Our course is divided into following 5 Chapters:

1. Chapter -1 (Basics of Mobile Phone Repairing)
☆ Basics of mobile phones and communication technology.
☆ Basics of Mobile Phone PCB, Electronic Components, Analog and Digital Current.
☆ Assembling & Disassembling of different types of mobile phones.
☆ Use of latest tools and equipment used in mobile phone repairing.
☆ Understanding of various electronic components and ICs used in mobile phones.
☆ Understanding of basic parts of mobile phones including – Microphone, Speaker, Buzzer, vibrator, LCD, PDA, Antenna, etc.
☆ Testing of various electronic parts and components using multimeter.
☆ Use of DC Power Supply and Battery Booster Machine.

2. Chapter – 2 (Hardware of Mobile Phones)
☆ Mobile Phone Circuit Board and Tracks.
☆ Understanding of different ICs and BGAs (Ball Grid Array)
☆ Function of different ICs and BGAs.
☆ How to recognize different ICs of a Mobile Phone.
☆ Soldering and Desoldering of electronic components using soldering iron, soldering station and Hot Air SMD Rework Machine.

3. Chapter – 3 (Software)
☆ Understanding different software faults.
☆ Understanding of different flasher / flashing boxes.
☆ Flashing of different brands of mobile phone handsets.
☆ Formatting of virus affected handsets.
☆ Unlocking of different handsets through secret codes and software.
☆ Use of different secret codes.

4. Chapter – 4 (Troubleshooting)
☆ Fault finding & troubleshooting.
☆ Section-wise fault finding and repairing of hardware and software problems.
☆ Circuit tracing and jumpering.
☆ Troubleshooting through schematic diagrams.

5. Chapter – 5 (Support Program)
☆ How to open and manage a mobile phone repairing business.
☆ From where to procure tools, spare parts and accessories.
☆ How to deal with customers.

Who should enrol our mobile phone repairing course?
Any one who wants to learn mobile phone repairing for hobby or to make a career in mobile phone repairing. Chip Level Servicing mandates that the candidate has the 1.Willingness to Learn 2.Patience 3.Hardwork 4.Good Eye Sight with Steady Hands (as you will be working on very small electronic component)

Educational Qualification Required
The basic education qualification for the course is SSLC (Matriculation). Anyone with this minimum qualification can join our program and learn mobile phone repairing.

Course Duration :
6 Months (90 Days)
Fast Track Course (Gulf Package) : 3 Month (30 Days)

Fees Structure :
Please contact our Course Coordinator for Fees Structure - Lumpsum payment and Installment Scheme.





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