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The traditional way to repair your broken phone s display was to replace a new screen which used to take hours, but replacing the display using OCA Lamination Machine Now has now become easy and convenient.

OCA machine is a technology revolution in the field of Mobile Phone Servicing as it enables a mobile phone technician to replace any smartphone’s display with ease. The OCA machine operation course is a course dedicated to mobile phone display repair. After completing this course , students will be able to repair any brand or model of smartphone’s display like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony etc. After completion of this course a student can replace broken displays of smartphone within no time using this machine.

OCA Machine has a built in vacuum pump which enables the easy removal of the display and to paste glass to the phone screen. With built-in vacuum pump and air compressor, the glass is forced to attach to the machine firmly, no traditional holding tool required. In case you are already doing the refurbishing of LCD touch screen in a manual manner, then the new OCA vacuum laminating machine can be a great tool for you and your business.

OCA Lamination Machine Operation Vocational Course in Kerala



Who should join iPhone repairing course?
Any one who is already employed as a Mobile Phone technician and who would like to learn this display replacement technology for quick service.

Academic Qualification Required
The basic academic education qualification for the course is +2 / Higher Secondary and Mobile Phone Technician's Course'. Anyone with this minimum qualification can join our program and learn iphone repairing technology.

Course Duration : 10 Days

Fees Structure :
Please contact our Course Coordinator for Fees Structure - Lumpsum payment and Installment Scheme.





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