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Global Institute of Cellular Technology provides Tablet PC Service trainings on all brands and makes of hand held devices. One of the best trainers in Tablet PC servicing. The course is designed keeping in mind the latest market trends covering all major brands and models of smartphone devices to give the mastery on the subject. The Best Mobile Phone Technology Trainer in Kerala, India.

Tablet Servicing Course and Mobile Phone Technology Trainer in Kerala

Global Institute of Cellular Technologyprovides Chip Level Tablet PC Training in Kochi, Kerala.

Global Institute of Cellular Technology offers chip level tablet PC repairing training in Kochi, Kerala. More and more people around the world are now using tablets. Since Tablet PCs are also electronic gadgets, they, at times will need repairing. The market for repairing these tablet PC devices is growing. Our specialized course and training provides all the essential skills and training needed to repair, service, and maintain any Tablet PC in the World. We are rated as the No.1 Tablet Servicing course in India in the year 2019

Tablet PC Servicing

Our specialized Tablet PC servicing training course is divided into three parts:
☆ Theory – Explained and taught using audio-visual technology.
☆ Practicals – Using latest equipment and tools.
☆ Practice – Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the more perfect you will get.

Course Structure
Our course is divided into following 4 Chapters:

1. Chapter -1 (Basics of Smart Phone Repairing)
☆ Disassembling and Assembly of different types of Tablets.
☆ Understanding different parts of a Tablet PC.
☆ Testing of different parts of a Tablet PC using multimeter.

2. Chapter – 2 (Hardware of Smart Phones)
☆ Introduction to Motherboard of a Tablet PC.
☆ Troubleshooting and fault finding.
☆ Repairing and replacement of faulty parts.

3. Chapter – 3 (Software of Smartphone)
☆ Understanding different software faults.
☆ Understanding of different flasher / flashing boxes.
☆ Flashing of different brands of Tablet PC.
☆ Formatting of virus affected Tablets.
☆ Unlocking of different handsets through secret codes and software.
☆ Use of different secret codes.

4. Chapter – 4 (Support Program)
☆ How to open and manage a Tablet PC repairing business.
☆ From where to procure tools, spare parts and accessories.
☆ How to deal with customers.

Who should join our Tablet PC repairing course?
Any one who wants to learn tablet PC repairing for hobby or to make a career in Tablet PC repairing. All Chip Level Servicing mandates that the candidate has the 1.Willingness to Learn 2.Patience 3.Hardwork 4.Good Eye Sight with Steady Hands (as you will be working on very small electronic component)

Educational Qualification Required
A minimum of 10th pass is required to join our course and learn Tablet PC repairing. Anyone with this minimum qualification can join our program and learn tablet repairing.

Course Duration :
6 Months (90 Days)
Fast Track Course (Gulf Package) : 3 Month (30 Days)

Fees Structure :
Please contact our Course Coordinator for Fees Structure - Lumpsum payment and Installment Scheme.





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