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Global Institute of Cellular Technology offers the most extensive course on Mobile Phone Servicing in India. We offer government certified chip level and BGA repair training course on mobile phones, tablets and other hand-held devices using the latest technology tools, equipment and software. The syllabus provided below is a detailed syllabus which consists of 6 modules covering all aspects of Mobile Phone Servicing, Smartphone Servicing and iPhone Servicing which adds confidence to the candidate after completion of the course. All this is provided at a most affordable fee structure.

Module 1 (Basic Electronics)
The first module will act as a bridging course for those students who do not have any prior knowledge about the field. For others, who already have prior knowledge about electrical and electronic engineering, this module will help them revise these concepts.

Module 2 (Mobile Communication)
The second module introduces the student to mobile communication and the technology used. It gives an insight about the basic concepts of mobile communication and various technology standards used around the world, its advantages and disadvantages etc.

Module 3 (Circuits and Different Sections on Motherboard)
The third module introduces the students to various sections on the motherboard of a mobile phone device, its functions, uses and benefits for the mobile phone user

Module 4 (Hardware Repair)
The fourth module focuses on hardware and teach the students how to handle and replace various electronic parts. It will help them to learn all the hardware repair procedures in a more comprehensive manner.

Module 5 (Software Repair)
The fifth module focuses on software issues which are some of the most common ones faced by Smartphone users. Sometimes, a software problem can lead to hardware abnormalities as well. This module will teach you how to perform various software repairing techniques.

Module 6 (Basic and Advanced Troubleshooting)
After receiving a customer's complaint, it is important to understand where the problem of the phone lies - hardware or software; and then repair it accordingly. This is where the troubleshooting module will come in handy. This module will teach you how to troubleshoot the problems in a mobile phone almost like an experienced mobile phone repair technician.

Module 6 (Additional Learning)
To be a successful mobile phone repair technician, one needs to know more than just the technical aspects of fixing a phone. This module aims to teach some additional topics to help you become a better mobile phone repair engineer.


mobile repairing course syllabus

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